About Our Rehab Center

Welcome to Executive Oasis Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

“Our vision is to provide the travelling business person with rehab that suits the needs of clients seeking luxury rehabilitation facilities, that is of consistent quality and comfort in all locations we service. You will know what to expect with Executive Oasis”

The Executive Oasis team have chosen a primary location in Australia to build Executive Oasis Serviced rehab. Stay tuned for new facilities! However at this stage we have the best serviced apartments for people needing quality rehab.

They are like a luxury home away from home, offering outdoor areas for entertainment & recreation, office areas for business, two bathrooms and lockable garages for cars. Combined with their convenient location close to the town centre, these are the best accommodation options for all requirements.

When selecting your next rehab accommodation come and experience Executive Oasis luxury.

“Your comfort, privacy and security are our priority”